4.6 DVD


Pollyanna 2003 is a heartwarming story that tells of a young girl's determination to make the best of life, no matter what adversity she faces. Every summer, Pollyanna visits her Aunt Polly in the small town of Beldingsville. Her Aunt Polly is strict and demanding, always looking for fault in Pollyanna's behavior. Luckily, Pollyanna has a great attitude and is determined to make the best of her situation. She brings an old trunk into the house and finds a set of old books inside. In one of the books, Pollyanna finds something quite special – the philosophy of the “Glad Game”. The “Glad Game” teaches Pollyanna to look for the good in a situation. So, even when her aunt scolds her for being too friendly with the locals or for making noise, she always strives to put a positive spin on things. This philosophy helps Pollyanna deal with the challenging situations in Beldingsville and brings her some new friends as well. In spite of problems at home, Pollyanna continues to live with optimism and hope. Everyone in Beldingsville can see how Pollyanna is being an example for all of them. Thanks to Pollyanna, the town finds itself embracing the good parts of life and becoming optimistic too. Pollyanna's spirit eventually helps her Aunt Polly find some joy in life as well. When a fire starts in the main street of Beldingsville, Pollyanna joins the cheerleaders to help put out the fire. Not only does she save all the businesses, but she also helps mend her Aunt's relationship with the townspeople. From then on, things start to change for the better. Pollyanna 2003 is a story that illuminates the power of optimism. By believing in the good, Pollyanna is able to transform everyone around her. Despite her struggles, Pollyanna finds beauty in the world and fights to share it with others.